12:00             Introduction by Summit Chair

                      Welcome Address 

                      Michalis Michael, Chairman, Invest Cyprus

                      Message from the President of the Republic of Cyprus

12:10            The Outlook for the Cyprus Economy
                      Constantinos Petrides, Minister of Finance*

                      Cyprus: A Dynamic and Vibrant Business Centre. The Investment Climate
                      & Investment opportunities
                      George Campanellas, CEO, Invest Cyprus

12:30             Doing Business in Cyprus: Corporate International and Regional Headquartering in Cyprus

      • Cyprus: The Ideal Business Base - Establishing a Regional Office in Cyprus
      • Doing international business from Cyprus: Cyprus as a regional hub. Infrastructure, logistics,
        geographical opportunities
      • Benefits and Key Features of the Cyprus Tax System
      • Benefits for Corporations
      • Benefits for Employers and Employees Living and Working in Cyprus
      • Financial reporting, auditing, legal system
      • The Banking and Financial Services Sector
      • The Cyprus Funds Industry
        Q & A

12:55            Living and Working in Cyprus

      • Migration: Key benefits to foreign investors and their dependent family members
      • Personal Taxation
      • Social insurance and other contributions
      • Employer sponsored pension plans
      • Employment law
      • Private limited companies
      • Lifestyle in Cyprus
      • Health
      • Housing – Property – Accommodation
      • Education / Schooling
        Q & A

 13:10           The Cyprus Success Story: Responds to COVID 19
                     Constantinos Ioannou, Minister of Health

13:20            Growth Sectors: Investment Opportunities in Hotels, Tourism and Leisure
                     Q & A

13:45            Growth Sectors: Investment Opportunities in Real Estate
                     Q & A

14:10            Growth Sector: Investment Opportunities in Renewable Energy
                     Q & A

14:35            Growth Sector: Investment Opportunities in Health
                     Q & A


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