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Cyprus’ appeal as a leading international business hub is gaining momentum. Its stable business environment and emerging opportunities in multiple sectors, strategic EMEA access and excellent quality of life, are just a few of the many reasons that prompt ICT companies to choose Cyprus as a relocation destination. As a member of the EU and Eurozone community, Cyprus ensures safety and stability for investors, while also offering them market access to more than 500 million EU citizens. Innovative research, a rapidly growing startup ecosystem, a highly educated and experienced human talent and a range of incentives render Cyprus a perfect choice to start and scale companies. The Cyprus emerging research and innovation ecosystem boosted by EU and/or national funding, and the highly efficient IP tax regime and other favourable tax incentives offered locally, make the country a preferred business destination for international corporations seeking to relocate and/or expand in the EU, allows them to enjoy the protection afforded by EU Member States and the signatories of all major IP treaties and protocols.

Over the last few years, a number of internationally successful technology companies operating in the fields of software development, financial services including e-money and payments (FinTech), regulation and compliance (RegTech), telcos, entertainment and gaming, media, cyber-security, Artificial Intelligence, data management, etc. have already either relocated or expanded in Cyprus using the country as a base and gateway to and from the EU. Working site by site with local ICT companies, they now constitute a sizable sector of the Cyprus economy and employ thousands of people. The Government of Cyprus has recently unveiled the new “strategy for attracting business and talent” to the island which includes specific incentives for attracting international companies, especially relevant to the ICT sector.

The 6th Cyprus International Investors Summit will showcase Cyprus’ dynamic and competitive economy which is driven by research, scientific excellence, innovation, technological development, and entrepreneurship, and explore how Cyprus is becoming a regional hub in these fundamental areas.


Key Topics:

• The Cyprus economy and investment climate

• Living and working in Cyprus

• Establishing your presence in Cyprus

• Digital Cyprus: The Government’s vision and policies

• Tax & legal framework in Cyprus