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Savvy Investor

Savvy Investor

Savvy Investor is the worlds leading knowledge network for institutional investors and their service providers. Our dedicated content team curate the best investment research and news from across the web, bringing it into one place for your ease. The site is split into 50 topics, including sections on Asset Management and Emerging Markets. We also have a directory of investment conferences, with useful search filters. Upon registering, members select the topics they are interested in. This allows us personalise their home page and newsletter, ensuring a unique experience for all. Having launched in 2015, we now have over 36,000 members worldwide, who download over 30,000 white papers a month – more than any other platform.



GOLD magazine was founded in 2011 as the first English-language business monthly in Cyprus. Today, it is not only synonymous with the promotion of good business practices but it has a unique and valuable readership of High Net Worth Individuals, international company executives, English-speaking Cypriot and non-Cypriot businessmen and women. GOLD provides a comprehensive and informed overview of the local business scene, the economy and the market and has gained a reputation for its in-depth articles and revealing interviews with key local and international personalities.

Readership: 40,000+ Language: English.

Frequency of issue: Monthly - distributed every third Sunday of the month

Content: Business, with a special focus on Professional Services Audience: Men 65%, Women 35% Age group: 35-64 Social / Economic Class: A-C1

Circulation: 8,000 copies  Distribution: Kiosks, subscribers, IMH conferences and selected points (airports, airlines, embassies, etc.) Subscribers: 20,000 print and digital subscriptions.

IN Business

IN Business

IN Business magazine has a monthly readership of more than 40,000. It is the only monthly business magazine in Cyprus that provides a comprehensive overview of all segments of the economy, from retail to services, as well as reporting on new deals, presenting new faces and, generally, everything that’s happening in the local business sphere. IN Business is a pioneer in local business journalism, thanks to its in-depth analysis and research backed by previously unpublished facts and figures.

Readership: 40,000+ Language: Greek

Frequency of issue: Monthly - Available every first Sunday of the month

Content: Business  Audience: Men 60%, Women 40% Age group: 35-64

Social/Economic Class: A-C1  Circulation: 8,000 copies

Distribution: Kiosks, subscribers, IMH conferences and selected locations (airports, airlines, embassies etc.) Subscribers: 20,000 print and digital subscriptions.